Let's clue you in to in●clued

We started with venues

One day, we were checking out restaurants to help a friend find a venue for 100 people. The next day (fine, months later), we mapped out a business plan to help people find event venues more easily. The day after that (okay, a year later), we launched a beta website that catalogued NYC's best private venues. #socool


Next came menus (caterers)

And then one day, we had a million (or maybe two) last minute lunch event cancellations because brilliant clients like you found it hard to leave the office in between meetings. So we figured out a way to bring a lot of really good food to your office, thus beginning our catering service where all of Manhattan became our kitchen. #venuesandmenus #omgwhathappenednext


Then world domination (hotels)

A mere few months after we launched in-clued (okay, a few years later), we partnered with hotels globally to stay pertinent to our clients' growing global event needs. We even became International Air Transportation Association (IATA) certified, which is given only to billion dollar valued proven Event Planning agencies. The IATA certification allows us to partner with pretty much all the fabulous hotels in the world you want to party in. #whatwilltheythinkofnext


So why in-clued?

We have been voted* the World's Best Event Planners because we in-clued you into the industry's best. We are especially LOVED by clients who specialize in fundraising, friendraising and marketing. We partner with you to curate the best vendors for your special day, and, sometimes we'll even wrangle all the vendors for you. Details about our additional services can be found on our very long fun to read FAQ page.
(*Voted by us)